Buffalo Chicken Bites
Smoked Buffalo Chicken, Bay Blue Cheese baked in Phyllo cups


buffalo/ balsamic glazed/ bbq/ jerk spice

$75 sm (50 pieces), $150 lg (100 pieces) 

sweet & tangy

$75 sm (serves about 30)
$150 lg (serves about 60)

Three dozen minimum for the following:

Mini Spinach Pies
spinach, cheese, onion


Lyndigo Spice® Fennel & Fig Chutney with Blue Cheese Tartlets


Stuffed Mushrooms
(mushrooms, garlic, cheese, smoked turkey & herbs)


Mini Collard Green & Cornbread Bites
(collard greens, smoked turkey & cornmeal baked)


Empanadas with Lyndigo Spice® Chutney
beef/ Jerk chicken/ veggie


Potato & Pea Triangles with Lyndigo Spice® Roasted Mango Relish
(potato, green peas & herbs baked in phyllo)


Black-eyed Pea Fritters (Ghanaian Accara) with Lyndigo Spice® Red Pepper Relish



Nana's Candied Yams

$50 sm (serves about 25)
$100 lg (serves about 50)

Signature Mac and Cheese

$65 sm (serves about 25)
$80 med (serves about 50)
$125 lg (serves about 75)

Collard Greens
sautéEd or traditional with Smoked Turkey

$50 sm (serves about 15-20)
$75 med (serves about 40-50)
$125 lg (serves about 65-75)

Southern Style String Beans
with or without meat

$30 sm (serves about 15-20)
$60 med (serves about 40-50)
$75 lg (serves about 60-70)

Signature Rice Salad

$40 sm, $60 md, $120 lg


$40 sm, $60 md, $120 lg

Nana's Potato Salad

$40 sm, $60 md, $120 lg


$40 sm, $60 md, $120 lg


pigeon peas, garlic & saffron/ yellow rice & blackbeans/ arroz con gandules

$40 sm, $60 md, $80 lg

Cape Verdean Jag
with dark kidney beans, sweet onions & Lyndigo Spice® Original Spice Rub

$40 sm, $60 md, $80 lg

Jamaican Rice & Beans
with cow peas (or red beans), coconut milk & fresh thyme

$40 sm, $60 md, $80 lg

Jollof Rice
Rice baked in smoky tomato broth with Lyndigo Spice® Spicy Red Pepper Relish, spices & okra

$40 sm, $60 md, $80 lg

ENTREES MEALS (20 person minimum)

Includes choice of rice, garden salad, rolls & butter

BBQ Chicken
(smoked with Lyndigo Spice® Original Spice Rub)


Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken


Asian Stir Fry

beef $27/pp or chicken $25/pp

Jerk Chicken with Lyndigo Spice® pineapple chutney


Cilantro Lime Chicken with chimichurri sauce


Grilled Steak Tips with balsamic reduction


BBQ Ribs (St. Louis cut)
Smoked with Lyndigo Spice® Original Spice Rub


Babyback Ribs


Spanish Chicken marinated in Latin spices and grilled


Curry Chicken
stewed in curry and other spices, ginger, onion & peppers



Penne Pasta Medley
with seasonal veggies & mushrooms in a light cream sauce


Bowtie Pasta
baby spinach or arugula in a lemon sauce


Add additional $5/pp for Grilled Chicken

Consuming raw or undercooked meat increases your risk of foodborne illness. All food on this menu is prepared in a facility that is not wheat, soy, or nut free. Menu prices are subject to change.

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